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Comments from feedback form

"The very next day we were in a meeting and everyone reflected on what they had experienced from the workshop. Getting everyone to use the "other side of their brain" worked. The new discussions were seamless and any previous barriers were not a factor. To me that spells SUCCESS..."

"This exercise involves more teamwork than any other team building exercise I've ever done. It showed me how important listening and reaching consensus is for a team. Also, how we can learn together and make a finished product with little experience just by relying on each other. I love the right brain approach."

"Because we mostly work virtual and did not really know each other very well, this was a fantastic opportunity to team and come to know one another. I'm more open to other members of the team.




Imagine a gala Academy Award celebration to screen all your films!

This is the grand finale of the Teamwork Cinema day.

We offer the Teamwork Cinema workshop to corporations and organizations around the world. Clients include Boeing, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, American Express, T-Mobile. The workshop is available in customized full-day and half-day modules.

Films from the past events: Click on the links below to watch the short films from past events... In most of these events, participants only had 3 or 4 hours to make their films. Check out these amazing short films.

1. Film 1 by the Blue Team: WATCH

2 . Film 2 by the Triangle Team: WATCH

3. Film 3 by the Paramount Team: WATCH

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Teamwork Cinema offers customized filmmaking team building workshops for corporations around the world • Tel: 541-864-9624 email