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Comments from feedback form

"The concept really required each member of the team to participate - there were not extraneous members coasting or not participating. The concept of making a short film was a great way to get everyone in the small group involved, and taking ownership for the finished product."

"Great exercise in creating a complex, time-consuming product with a very short time constraint. Strongest part, without question, was seeing the finished product. That made all the disjointed work we'd done resolve itself into a worthwhile wonderful package. The work we did was hard but fun. We had a great time working as a group and we created something fantastic as an end product."

"I now understand the bloodlust that exists deep within the hearts of my team members. I shall never, ever do anything that will make me the focus of their psychotic, homicidal rage..... Ok, I was kidding there."





The Teamwork Cinema experience goes way beyond typical team building exercises that rely on athletic skill or games.

Making a short film will engage your entire team. Risking creative ideas. Risking looking foolish... risking having no film to show that evening. Pressure makes diamonds and your group will have an authentic experience of the filmmaking process. There's never enough money, time or star actors available. Doesn't matter, get it done.




Everyone gets involved in the filmmaking process. From directing to acting, camera, lighting and producing.


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