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Comments from feedback form

"The very next day we were in a meeting and everyone reflected on what they had experienced from the workshop. Getting everyone to use the "other side of their brain" worked. The new discussions were seamless and any previous barriers were not a factor. To me that spells SUCCESS..."

"This exercise involves more teamwork than any other team building exercise I've ever done. It showed me how important listening and reaching consensus is for a team. Also, how we can learn together and make a finished product with little experience just by relying on each other. I love the right brain approach."

"Because we mostly work virtual and did not really know each other very well, this was a fantastic opportunity to team and come to know one another. I'm more open to other members of the team."





Challenge: You have 4 hours to make a short film.
Reaction: Sheer terror... or, for some, the hidden Travolta emerges...

Quite often, our clients keep Teamwork Cinema a secret until the last minute. We arrive incognito and then... we pull the wraps off the wardrobe racks and a tremor goes through the room. Half your team will be thrilled, and the other half will be paralyzed with fear.

But this is where our expert filmmakers come in. After a short introduction to filmmaking and the exercise, each team is joined by their filmmaker and the concept development begins. After the obligatory awkward silence, everyone starts talking and the ideas flow. From Star Wars to Borat, everyone will pitch in.

Starting with just a theme - perhaps it's your latest slogan or corporate initiative (you can make a movie about anything... or nothing!) - the teams develop an overall creative idea for their film. The Teamwork Cinema filmmakers guide the process - adding practical experience to the blue sky ideas. After 20 minutes of pitching ideas, it's out the door to start shooting.

Your team members will take on all the roles of a real film crew - actors, director, camera person, audio person, producer... and quite often the roles change as the production progresses. There are no rules. It's a great exercise for making things up. Anything goes.

A short film of 3 to 5 minutes will have anywhere from 15 to 25 cuts, so it's not that much filming. But it takes time - usually 3 or 4 hours. When the teams return after shooting, they're due for a break. Filming is demanding and sometimes we debrief the process and other times, the group heads for rest and relaxation.

But for our TC filmmakers, their jobs are just beginning. For the next 3 hours, they'll be cutting and editing the raw footage, preparing a finished film for screening that night.

Teamwork Cinema's gala celebration screening starts with red carpet entrance and interviews (ala Joan Rivers) and an entire evening of entertainment and awards. It's a day your people will never forget... and it's all on tape!

We've customized the team building day for companies in many ways. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.




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